The cartridge that just keeps coming back over and over and over again. Made famous by Ian Flemmimg as the caliber/ gun of choice (The Walther PPK) in the James Bond 007 stories. The .380 (Also known as the 9mm Kurtz ((short))) has been the standard for the minimum power that was truly considered acceptable for pocket pistol use. As design technology of firearms advanced we have seen the gun platforms get smaller with larger cartridges being incorporated. As such the .380 got relegated to the sidelines as smaller and more powerful guns showed up for concealment use. (Kahr 9mm, Glock 27&26) Those same advancements were eventually turned to pocket guns and a whole generation of new even smaller .32 pocket pistols started showing up. (The Secamp .32 for starters) and eventually the guns got a boost in power by moving up to...... you guessed it.... the .380. (Secamp .380) Today there have even been some attempts to "wildcat" the cartridge by necking the .380 case down to .32 to get a boost in velocity. I carried a .380 for many years and always felt comfortable with my ability to shoot the gun very well. (pocket pistols require a lot of practice.) Reloading gives you the ability to do just that.
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